At the Vault of Valhalla, all of our jewelry is handcrafted. After extensive research, Vince Zahnle, our resident artist, meticulously creates each of our exclusive designs, basing them on historical artifacts. Each individual piece is handcast, using molds created from hand-sculpted masters carved in our own workshop, then hand-finished with loving care and extreme attention to detail.

Our pieces are not merely historical reproductions. Each design is extrapolated and adapted for modern or re-enactment use from motifs found on Norse, Celtic, and Anglo-Saxon archeological finds from the 9th and 10th centuries A.D. - the height of Viking culture!

Whether you are looking for jewelry with strong, documentable ties to medieval history, jewelry made with the finest in cottage craftsmanship, or jewelry that just speaks to your soul, the Vault of Valhalla has something for you!

Because the Vault has only one artisan and, talented and industrious though he is, he can only create a small number of pieces per casting run, our inventory is usually limited. There may be a short wait as the piece you desire is crafted for you. and we'll email you if that is the case. Please allow at least two to four weeks for US delivery if we must cast your piece. Inquire via email if you require rush delivery, special consideration, are ordering from outside the United States, or are interested in custom work.

We cannot offer our products wholesale at this time.



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