As any artist does, Vince is always experimenting with new findings, processes, and configurations, not all of which he chooses to offer as main line items. The lacing loops on the bodice below are a good example. Each is a pewter casting held by two copper rivets which have to be carefully applied by someone experienced in taking solid metal rivets down (and, therefore, definitely not for everybody).

If you're interested in any of these one-of-a-kind items or have your own custom project in mind, please feel free to email, phone (417-967-1034), or write us and discuss your interests. As you can probably imagine, a "one-off" metal casting would be a lot more expensive than a specimen from a series.




Here is another example of VInce's custom work - a set of belt plates with a buckle piece. These were done as a special order for a chainmail artisan who wanted to alternate strips of mail with solid plates to make a belt. Since the customer was doing the mail work, the pictures below are the plates linked directly together. The plates are approximately 2 by 1-3/4 inches (or roughly 5 by 4.4 cm). The plates were contracted at $15.00 each, quite inexpensive for the labor and materials involved.


Buckle closed….


…and open.


The sterling silver ring below was created using specific design instructions provided by the customer. In this case, the customer wanted a shield embossed with a camel.


This pair of sterling silver brooches was also created using specific design instructions provided by the customer. In this case, the customer provided the basic design which was round and it was modified to fit the oval shape customary for traditional medieval norse brooches.


Here is one of our multi-part Viking/Anglo-Saxon necklaces assembled from the center plaque and bird sidepieces, cast in sterling silver and assembled with a heavy sterling chain. The aspect of this that makes it a custom piece is that all dark background has been pierced through, as you can see by the backdrop cloth. The complete piece weighs just a hair over 93 grams, just about right on three Troy ounces of sterling silver.


This is a pin we designed for author, Barabara M. Hodges, as part of her promotional campaign for her novel, "The Emerald Dagger", (released in June, 2003). This piece differs from our usual work in that the dagger has been cut out of silver and brass instead of being cast. Blacking was used on the silver blade to create the darkened effect. The pin measures a bit over 2 inches in length.


A really nice piece of work by a skilled customer, who attached a set of the Vault's customized necklace parts to his gorget:

…and a quarter front view as well: